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John Rogers: The Compiler of the First Authorised English Bible: The Pioneer of the English Reformation, and Its First Martyr: Embracing a...His Principal Descendants, His Own Writings, Joseph Lemuel Chester - 472p, 1861.

Lineage of the Rogers Family - England: Embracing John Rogers the Martyr; Emigrant Descendants to America and Issue, John Cox Underwood - 60p, 1911.

Genealogy of John Rogers of Boxford, Mass., C. R. Commons - 44p, 1882.

The History of Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts: From the Earliest Settlement Known to the Present Time: A Period of about Two Hundred and Thirty Years, Sidney Perley - 434p, 1880.

Light From Old Times: Or, Protestant Facts and Men with an Introduction for our Own Days, John Charles Ryle D.D. - 510p, 1890.

From Sea to Shining Sea, James Alexander Thom - 896p, 1986.

John Rogers: Sealed With Blood- The Story of the First Protestant Martyr of Mary Tudor's Reign, Tim Shenton - 144p, 2007.

Rogers Family History, J. Montgomery Seaver - 70p, 1929.

Leather - Matthew's Bible - 1116p, (1537) 2009.

Hardback - Matthew's Bible - 1116p, (1537) 2009.

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